Saskia Wolsak

PhD Interdisciplinary Studies [start date September 2017]

Email: swolsak(at)hotmail(dot)com

M.Sc Ethnobotany, UBC (2017)
McGill University, Naropa University

The ethnobotany of fibre plants (string)

Research interests
Ethnobotany, Plant Taxonomy

Dr. Quentin Cronk
Dr. Wade Davis (Anthropology)

Scholarships and Grants

UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF), 2017-2021
CGS-M (SSHRC) 2016-2017
Research Grant from the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, Bermuda (2016-2017)


Wolsak, Saskia, David Wingate and Quentin Cronk. (2017). "Environmental change in the terrestrial vegetation of Bermuda: revisiting Harshberger (1905)." Brittonia, A Journal of Systemic Botany.

Wolsak, S. and Turner, NJ. (2014). Ethnobotanical Plant Collectors in northwestern North America. A.R. Kruckeberg, R. Love, eds. Plant Hunters of the Pacific Northwest.

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