Sæmundur Sveinsson

PhD student [start date August 2009]

Email: saemundur(dot)sveinsson(at)gmai(dot)com

BSc in Biology, University of Iceland in Reykjavik, 2007
MSc in Biology, University of Iceland in Reykjavik, 2009

Evolutionary studies in Lathyrus


Research interests

Broadly I am interested in many aspects of plant evolution. More specifically I am interested in the evolution of polyploid plant species and what effect the duplication of genomes has on organisms, all the way from the expression change in a single gene to major alterations of genomes. Also I am intrigued by the importance of polyploidy in the formation of new hybrid species.

My Google Scholar profile

5. Sveinsson S, McDill J, Wong G, Li J, Li X, Deyholos M and Cronk Q (2012) Phylogenetic pinpointing of a paleopolyploidy event within the flax genus (Linum) using transcriptomics. Annals of Botany 113: 753-761.
[html] [pdf]

4. Sveinsson S, Gill N, Kane NC, Cronk Q (2013) Transposon fingerprinting using low coverage whole genome shotgun sequencing in Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) and related species. BMC Genomics 14: 502. [html] [pdf]

3. Yang JY, Scascitelli M, Motilal LA, Sveinsson S, Engels JMM, Kane NC, Dempewolf H, Zhang D, Maharaj K, and Cronk QCB (2013) Complex origin of Trinitario-type Theobroma cacao (Malvaceae) from Trinidad and Tobago revealed using plastid genomics. Tree Genetics and Genomes: 9, 829-840. [html] [pdf]

2. Kane NC, Sveinsson S, Dempewolf H, Yang JY, Zhang D, Engels JMM, Cronk QCB (2012) Ultra-barcoding in cacao (Theobroma spp.) using whole chloroplast genomes and nuclear ribosomal DNA. American Journal of Botany 99: 320-329 (Special issue on next generation sequencing). [html] [pdf]

1. Anamthawat-Jónsson K, Wenke T, Thorsson A T, Sveinsson S, Zakrzewski F & Schmidt T (2009) Evolutionary diversification of satellite DNA sequences from Leymus (Poaceae: Triticeae). Genome: 52, 381-90. [html]

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