Jack Fisher

Professor Jack B. Fisher - Honorary Professor in the Department of Botany


  • Anatomy of Palms
  • Developmental & Functional Anatomy
  • Tropical Botany

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Selected publications

Tomlinson PB, Horn JW, Fisher JB (2011) The anatomy of palms (Arecaceae-Palmae). Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Horn JW, Fisher JB, Tomlinson PB, Lewis CE, Laubengayer K. (2009) Evolution of lamina anatomy in the palm family (Arecaceae). Am J Bot. 96: 1462-86.

Fisher JB, Lindström A, Marler TE. (2009) Tissue responses and solution movement after stem wounding in six Cycas species. HortScience 44: 848-851.

Fisher JB, Jayachandran K. (2008) Beneficial role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Florida native palms. Palms 52(3): 115-125.

Fisher JB, Jayachandran K. (2008) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi promote growth and phosphorus uptake in Zamia, a native Florida cycad. Florida Scientist 71: 265-272.

Fisher JB. (2008) Anatomy of axis contraction in seedlings from a fire prone habitat. Am J Bot. 95: 1337-48.

Fisher JB, Goldstein G, Jones TJ, Cordell S. (2007) Wood vessel diameter is related to elevation and genotype in the Hawaiian tree Metrosideros polymorpha (Myrtaceae). Am J Bot. 94: 709-15.

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