Isidro Ojeda Alayon

Graduate student (PhD)


Research interests:

  • Molecular phylogenetics and the evolution of morphological traits, specially those involved in pollinator attraction
  • The molecular and genetic basis of the evolution of traits involved in pollinator attraction
  • Flower color evolution and shifts in pollinators
  • Flower evolution in legumes

Research topic:

The evolution of bird pollination in the Macaronesian Lotus section Rhyncholotus (Loteae, Leguminosae)

Email address: ac.cbu.egnahcretni|ordisi#ac.cbu.egnahcretni|ordisi


  • MSc, Centro de Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan, Mexico 2003
  • BSc, Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Mexico 1999

Research project

I am currently studying the evolution of bird pollination in four species of Lotus section Rhyncholotus in the Macaronesia region (a group of five archipelagos, Cape Verde, Salvagen islands, Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands). I am using several approaches (phylogenetic analysis, molecular evolution, morphological comparisons, flower color perception, pigment composition and gene expression comparisons) in order to understand how some of the traits associated with bird pollination (flower color, size, and nectar composition) evolved from bee pollinated species.


The four bottom species belong to section Rhyncholotus, Lotus berthelotii, L. eremiticus, L. maculatus and L. pyranthus. Photo credit: I. Ojeda and Felicia Oliva-Tejera.



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