Genomics Acronym Zoo

Students taking BIOL 440 Plant Genomics will already have noticed the proliferation of TLAs (three letter acronyms). If TLAs are replicating uncontrollably it is recommended that you use a TLAcidal compound like “TLA-OUT™”. To help students recognize the main species of TLAs I have prepared a GAZ (see below).

Genomics acronym zoo (GAZ)
[new submissions to the zoo are always welcome]

BWA - Burrows–Wheeler alignment
GBS - genotyping by sequencing
GWAS - genome-wide association study
NGS - next generation sequencing
RRL - reduced representation library
SAM (as in tools) - sequence alignment/map
SFP - single feature polymorphism
SNP - single nucleotide polymorphism
WGS - whole genome shotgun

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